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"You have to stay faithful to what you're working on"

-Stephen King


Hi, I’m Myka

A developing writer and aspiring journalist. I am passionate about sharing my perspectives on life with others, and documenting my growth as an individual.

Sun Beige Blog is for real truths and the significant aspects of what I've learned as I grow through society and leave my footprint. My post will include tough topics about mental health, body image, relationships, and much more. It is a place for my subscribers and viewers to feel safe and respond to posts that make them feel relatable. 

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Myka's Song of The Week 

The song 'Nothing Left to Hide'  by Lecrae has been on repeat the past few weeks for me. It talks about his battle with life and losing sight of what really is important like religion. It also is really relatable to me because I sometimes lose sight of what my goals, values, and morals are when my life gets complicated. I think it's a good song for motivation.

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