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10 Summer Date Ideas

Date ideas for you and your partner or you and your friends to do this summer! Summer 2020 has been interesting and full of creative ideas because of the need to social distance and everything being closed. That means we all need to get creative in finding fun dates to keep us entertained. Here's some ideas for you and yours.

Picnic Vibes

Everyone has been doing picnics this summer, and its time you do too. Get a nice blanket, some finger foods or food from your favorite spot, grab a glass of wine and some glasses, pack it up in your basket, and head to a beautiful spot. Going right before sunset is also great, and you can make it as casual or as aesthetic as you want. Make it a photoshoot for some fun.

Paint in The Park

Let your creative juices flow and have a nice paint session at a park near you. Find someplace with a nice view for inspiration, and bring some small canvases and paint supplies. This date is creative and unique. Listen to some good music and have a nice chat while painting, or even more fun, try your best to paint each other.

Drive in Movie

You can actually visit a drive in movie, or you can make your own drive in theater! Of course a drive in is the easier way out. Buy some snacks or food from your favorite place and pull up to a showing. If you want to be creative, you can get a projector for your phone and project a movie off your house. You can put it on your garage and actually drive in, or project it in your back yard and enjoy a bonfire & s'mores with your movie. Either option is fun!


If you haven't been hammocking this summer then you're missing out. You can find a cheap hammock on amazon, tie it up in a great spot with a nice view and relax. Read a book, have a deep conversation, listen to a podcast, or just nature watch while you swing.

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Find a big body of water near you, and rent a kayak or paddle board for a few hours on the water! It is fun with your partner or with friends and is very relaxing. Your arms will be sore but it's worth it.

Exercise Outdoors

Go hiking, bike riding, do yoga in the park, take your dogs on a walk together, or explore the city you live in on foot. There is nothing like being outdoors in the summer with close friends or your significant other.

Try Out New Restaurants

Make a list of new restaurants you want to try. Every week you can either go try new food at the restaurant or take out and have a movie night or picnic. Both are great options and you get to try out new places and great food!

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful and watching them is breathtaking. You can find a nice spot that has a great view. Bring some drinks and watch the sunset. You can watch the sunrise and then go catch breakfast after.

Thrift Flip Project

Go thrifting at your local thrift shop and find some pieces to re-create. You can do this by buying some fabric paint, jewels, zippers, and buttons, or sewing the clothing into something new. Up-cycling thrifted clothes is good for the environment and also allows you to create unique pieces no one else will have.

Take A Mini Vacation

With coronavirus spiraling out of control, sometimes you need to take a weekend getaway. Rent an airbnb or cabin in a new area and relax. Go camping at a state park and get your bonfire, and cliff jumping on. You can have a romantic weekend or a fun getaway with friends. Create some fun memories with the people/person you love.

Going on fun dates is not only for couples! We need to start normalizing having dates with your close friends because fun activities were not only made for couples. Being single is not a negative thing, and going out with your friends and family is just as fun. So whether you're trying these out with your significant other or friends and family, I hope you're having fun.

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Summer awaits, have some fun!


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