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For Your Mind & Soul

Getting to your best mental state.

As I keep this positivity train rolling, I want to also emphasize that negativity is not always so easy to dodge. For everyone reading this post, especially those who are feeling stuck in a toxic mental state, things are going to get better, and you have to believe that in order to surpass what you are going through currently.

In 2019, I began to spiral into a dark place of sadness. It felt like life had took its foot and was holding it at my throat. I was suffocating in a lack of motivation and unhappiness. I found myself not wanting to do anything but sit in my room and stare into the distance. I wasn't answering the phone for anyone, including my close friends and family. It was an empty feeling, like I had no one or nothing.Worthless, useless, and lost. Crying was something I did more than I thought was possible, and there was not a reason behind those tears, just sadness that was there lingering. I cried so much that I would lay and no tears would fall. Seeing other people happy made me wonder why I was incapable of the emotion, and when I felt like I was capable, it seemed like happiness was only just a small moment. It was like I was living in a dark room room, with no way to escape.

Photos are from my spam account posts in 2019

Today I think back to those days and and I get teary eyed remembering how I felt, and how far I've come from those few months. The reality is, I was letting my circumstances get the best of me. I was not in the best place mentally, but I also was not making an effort to drag myself up out of the hole I was in. For some reason I was waiting for someone or something to give me a hand up. That was the problem.

We can only depend on ourselves to understand what our mind and soul is telling us we need. Mine was telling me to go home. So, I followed my souls lead and did exactly what it was telling me to do. Go home to the people you love, go home to a place that is familiar, go home to where you feel your best. Cutting ties or staying aways from individuals who threatened me having a better mental state was apart of the plan. I reached out to people who I knew could lift my spirit and I knew truly cared about me. Instead of staying at school on weekends, I went home. I distanced myself from school when I could because it was a huge stressor for me. Listing out my goals and what I wanted to change helped me too. Being able to see my goals made it more realistic for me. Speaking what I wanted into existence kept the positive energy flowing. Most importantly, I also reached out to God. I prayed and asked for blessings that would make my situation better. Everything that was good in that moment I thanked God for.

So, for my readers who are feeling as lost as I did this past year, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is missing from your life?

  • What isn't being tended to or is being tended to incorrectly?

  • Are you bringing yourself down or is it other people?

  • Is it a situation?

  • Is it the place that you live in?

  • Is it your place of work?

  • Figure out what is putting a cloud over the light that warms your soul.

Now-- Think of ways you can eliminate what is creating this negative energy. You may not be able to eliminate the situation/person/place, but maybe you can distance yourself or give yourself a break.

  • Find time, even it's five minutes a day or more, to do something that clears your mind of these things. (for me it was journaling)

  • ex: reading, meditating, exercising, painting, sewing, a pet, people you love, etc.

  • Be productive, productivity keeps your mind off the bad and occupies your thoughts with what you are working on.

  • Surround yourself with people you love and talk to them about what's on your mind

  • Stay as positive as you can be, and when you can, don't think about what is negative

  • This may not be an option for everyone, but praying and thanking God for what is positive already, helped me get through these times the most.

Most importantly remember things will get easier if you allow them to, don't be hard on yourself. You will only be as good as you allow yourself to be. This is why we must feed our minds what we want it to produce. Do what is the best for your mental health and listen to what your soul is telling you. Outsmart the unhealthy conscious you have, by filling its space with a healthy mindset, not allowing it enough space to breathe. You have to be your own therapist in order to move forward and be successful in life. No one wants more for you than you yourself, so you must protect your soul at all costs.

I'm sharing this because it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Mental health is something a lot of people struggle with, and I wanted to share this because maybe it can help someone as a result. If you're not someone who struggles with this, check on your friends and family. Some people suffer in silence. It is likely that someone you know needs a person to talk to and feels so alone right now. Be the person that helps them feel worthy of everything good they receive in life, or refer them to someone that can be.

Hoping your mental state is in a good place,


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