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Have A Positive Mindset in 2020

The best way to get through a hard situation is being the most positive in the room.

If we can all agree on something this year, it will be that 2020 has been the most unpredictable year in the past decade. This year has proven to me that you truly cannot predict the future, and no matter how well you plan it, things will not go your way. This year was the year I’ve been waiting for. In 2019 I imagined myself turning 21 at the bar or club, surrounded by close friends and family. I saw myself traveling throughout the summer, meeting new people, and trying out new places. I saw myself entering my senior year of college with a new internship, and new student organizations to bring ideas to. The reality is all of these things are still happening, in variation. Maybe 2020 has put a damper on the aesthetically pleasing version of what I wanted it to look like, but there is light at the end of this tunnel. 

Have you thought about how 2020 has made you more grateful about the aspects of life that have been taken away from you? Meeting new people at bars and clubs. Shaking hands and hugging your friends, colleagues, and family. Going indoors without wearing a mask. Traveling without checking the death tolls. Not getting a cotton swab stuck up your nose when you return from vacation. Using less hand sanitizer and lysol wipes. Questioning if you should hang out with your friends or not. Not being afraid of people. This year has opened my eyes to just how much of a privilege being able to live daily without worrying about dying every time I leave the house. With the coronavirus rapidly spreading throughout the United States, and people who look like me dying on the street by the hands of the criminal justice system, it’s hard to not think about how grateful we should all be waking up alive in the morning. 

Another way to be positive, is thinking about how you’ve probably been the most creative you can be when it comes to having fun. I’ve tried out many new hobbies and activities while in quarantine. I started learning how to paint, going to workout more, I bought a bike & hammock, journaled more, upscaled clothes, and built a new blog website. This is probably the most productive I’ve been with my spare time ever. This year has given us more free time than you’ll probably ever see yourself have again. What is so bad about that?

I’ve been able to take care of myself in ways that I haven't had time to before. Time for self care is also another reason why 2020 wasn't all that terrible. My skin has been more clear than it has ever been before, because I finally was able to figure out what products were best for my skin. I’ve been trying to create a better relationship with healthier and wholeful foods. Working out has also been less of a burden because I’m not so tired from the rest of my day. I've been taking better care of my natural hair and trying out new hairstyles. Having more time for yourself is great for your mental health and I can say that I am mentally in a better place than I was before 2020 turned upside down. That’s pretty ironic. 

Since I’ve been home from college, I’ve had more time to spend with my family and close friends. Being away from home was really hard for me, and I found myself going home every weekend before classes went online. Being online and at home has given me the best of both worlds. I’m able to spend quality time and surround myself with the people who love and care for me the most.

I’ve become more aware of racism, police brutality, activism, and advocating for others than I ever have been. The killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, the state that I live in, was more impactful for me than any other police brutality case in the United States. It’s made me realize that not only does every state deal with racism, but many other countries across the globe. I was able to take my time and really learn about the cultural climate today by listening to podcasts, reading articles and stories, and most importantly participating in protests. I am incredibly saddened by the circumstances that this had to happen, but I am grateful that the outcome was people opening their eyes to the world that black and brown people deal with on an everyday basis.

With all that being said, I think it is important that people try and think of the positive outcomes of what is currently happening this year. 2020 has been overwhelming to a point where I felt unmotivated. Changing my mindset to think about all the ways this year has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and learn about the society I live in has helped me get through this year. Sometimes the only way out is through, and having a positive mindset will help me make it through quicker than a negative mindset will. 

Heres to having positive vibes only!


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