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Plus Size Lookbook: Transitioning Summer to Fall

Switching seasons is hard because you have to be versatile by mixing and matching two seasons to create the perfect outfit. Not to mention, the weather is a mix of cold, warm, and in between, so you have to cover up enough to stay warm, and show enough to not be hot. These outfits are great for back to school or back to zoom, whatever you want to call it!!!

Outfit 1

I love dressing up sweats because it makes me feel less like I didn't try to look put together. Adding a cute top immediately takes you from bum to baddie. Pair your sweats with some nice, clean sneakers so it looks more put together. Comfy and cute is and will forever will be a vibe for fall.

Tube Top: Cotton On

Sweat Pants: Thrifted *

Womans EQT Gazelle Shoe: Adidas

Mini Backpack: Nike

Outfit 2

There's nothing like a classic T-shirt and jeans combo because it just never seems to fail you. This is a more relaxed outfit for running errands, shopping, or studying. It's so comfy and spacious.

Graphic Tee: Shein

Boyfriend Jeans: Misguided

Golden Coast Authentics: Vans

Bag: Unknown *couldn't find something similar :(

Scrunchie: Target

Outfit 3

This is an outfit for the weekend dates with friends or someone special. The blazer & heels dresses up the basics: black shorts & wife beater. I wore this outfit to brunch!

Blazer: Thrifted *

Wife Beater: Target

Shorts: Missguided *

Heels: Fashion Nova *

Outfit 4

Nothing is better than a monochromatic set, because you can throw it on and get going. I added a flannel because it dresses it down and makes it more comfortable to get around town in. Also flannels just scream fall.

Two Piece Set: Shein

Huarache Sneakers: Nike

Flannel: Thrifted *

Outfit 5

This outfit is for those unexpectedly warm fall days. It's dressy enough for going out to lunch or drinks, but also comfortable enough to run errands in.

Top: Shein

Silk Skirt: Thrifted *

Sandals: Old Navy

Outfit 6

This is a great outfit for class if you want to dress up. Usually I would throw on a simple pair of black jeans, but adding a colorful skirt makes the outfit more fun and unique. This is a perfect in between season outfit.

Top: Thrifted *

Skirt: Pretty Little Thing *

Denim Jacket: Thrifted *

Huarache Sneakers: Nike

Mini Bookbag: Nike

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