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Re-adjusting My Thoughts on Body Image

F#*k your body standards world, we are reclaiming the rightful ownership of what our body's image should because they belong to us. #effyourbeautystandards

I was affected for many years of my life by what other people thought of me because of my body image as a plus size woman. It took me just as long to realize that my body image has nothing to do with society's perspectives, unless I allow it to be. The media and society has a nasty way of putting in its input on what a female's body should look like. This causes woman everywhere to feel like they must adjust their images to replicate the ideal body that is created by everyone else but themselves. It's time to move on from these unrealistic concepts because body image has everything to do with what you think is beautiful figure wise, with no one else's opinion included.

I've had the same body type since I was a young girl, and as I navigated through many years of schooling, I was unsatisfied by my figure. Growing up my size meant constant judgment from my family, and hateful comments from those at school. Being plus size at a young age was really hard on me and it wasn't until college that I realized the reason I disliked my body was because people around me disliked it. This is when I allowed my mind to form what body image should look like using societal pressures and the media as a guide, which should not be normalized. I realized that I am far too smart to be the only thing standing in the way of being happy in my own skin.

Two years ago I stopped letting others impact my ideals of what body image was. I started to follow empowering woman who made me want to feel more comfortable in my body. My perspectives on what I believed was beautiful started to change and I felt good about myself for once. I felt better about showing more skin, taking full body pictures, and overall felt more confident. I didn't put a swim suit until this year because I was so afraid of my own body. Seeing other woman who are the same shape and size made me feel normal, because being plus size was made to seem anything but. These body positive woman and others inspired me, and made me okay with every single curve and fold of my body. I started looking less at what the world wanted me to be and looked more in depth into who I wanted to be instead.

It was not until last year that I really fully felt okay with me being plus size and that is the feeling every woman should feel, even woman who are not plus sized. All woman should feel good about how their body looks. Bodies all differ in shape, height, size, colors, and so much more. It would be absolutely ridiculous for us to all try to be this image that everyone else thinks we should be.

Women are programmed to think we need to be perfect, but only by societies means and standards. That isn't going to mentally get you anywhere when you are attempting to feel more empowered in your body. Start thinking about what your vision of perfect is, and that can be slim, thick, fat, tall, small, whatever your heart desires. Who do you think is beautiful? Who do your look up to? Associate those answers with body image. Re-adjust your feelings towards body image for yourself. While you're at it, realize that everyone's body is their own type of beautiful, meaning all bodies matter.

Why would you want to change YOUR body for someone else? Society loves big boobs but they don't know how heavy they are, my damn back hurts okay. They want big hips, but some people have hip dips and they are just as beautiful. It's not worth the dwelling over, it takes way more effort to dislike your body than it does to love it. Sometimes we want to change our bodies, which is okay as well, but don't do it for someone else do it for you. If you want to change your body, the least you can do is change it to what you believe is beautiful. There will always be someone trying to bring you down, but if they're trying to bring you down they are already below you hun. Don't feed into the negative energies that beauty standards provide us in the slyest ways.

Adjusting your views on what body image should and will bring you a piece of mind and some relief. What you think of yourself is far more important than what other people think of you. You'll realize everybody is beautiful, no matter what. If you're in need of some reassurance than I will give it to you: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND THERE IS NO ONE, I REPEAT, NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU ON THIS PLANET SO SHOW YOURSELF SOME RESPECT. Now that I'm done yelling: Join the body positive movement with thousands of other bodies and feel happier in your bodies.

Here are woman I look up to for reassurance:

Joanna Pincerato

Aspen Cristi

Jazzmyne Robbins

Erika Aguilera

Stay Beautiful,


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