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Summer 2020 Lookbook: Sneakers

How to dress up your sneakers and put a girly fun twist on tennis shoes. It is also a plus size lookbook for this summer, that can also be used for inspiration for people of ALL body types. Links to the pieces used are in the descriptions. Click the yellow (*) for items that are similar to those that I'm wearing. Read until the end for some plus size fashion encouragement.

Look 1: Graphic Tees & Skirts

Graphic tees are a must have this summer because you can dress them down or up. They are easy to throw on and pair with any bottoms for a quick fit. Pairing them with prints adds some dimension to the outfit and a skirt gives it that cute girly flare. This outfit is good for drinks with the girls, going for lunch, or running errands.

Graphic Tee- Thrifted *

Skirt- Forever 21 *

Purse- Shein

Shoes- Nike

Sunnies- Target

Add: Layered gold necklaces & black tube socks

Look 2: Dresses & Sneakers

Pairing a dress with sneakers can be tricky and turn out really bad. The trick is pairing sneakers that are clean cut so that they don't clash with the dress. Milkmaid dresses are back in style this year. Sometimes you want the freedom of a dress and having comfortable shoes on. This is a cute outfit for a day out on the town and brunch!

Bralette- SavageX Fenty

Dress- Missguided

Purse: Shein

Shoes- Nike

Add: Black tube socks

Look 3: Leather

All black is still something you can pull off in the summer. Leather is also another fall and winter style that can be brought into your summer lookbook with skirts and shorts. The easiest way to style leather is to pair it with the same color. I love this outfit because it can be worn for a night at the bar and is still comfy. Adding a matching purse with your sneakers is an easy way to spruce up your outfit.

Top- Pretty Little Thing *

Shorts- Forever 21 *

Purse- PacSun *

Shoes- Adidas

Sunnies: Target *

Add- Black tube socks, Gold accessories

Look 4: Bright Colors

I love buying shoes that have a color way that includes every color under the sun. Sometimes it gets hard finding outfits that go with them. I recommend finding a top that matches your shoes well or going with black or white. A tiny top and baggy jeans is always a must and pairs well with sneakers. This is a cute outfit for a photo-op, the bar, brunch, date night, and feeling real cute in general.

Top- Pretty Little Thing

Boyfriend Jeans- Missguided

Purse- Shein

Shoes- Nike

Being a plus sized girl has always been a hassle when it comes to feeling good in the clothes you're wearing, especially when a lot of plus size vendors make clothes that hide our curves and put us in ugly prints. Sites like Shein, Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, Missguided, Forever 21 and Boohoo are great sites for cute, curve hugging, clothes for my plus size ladies. Stop hiding your rolls, stretch marks, and cellulite in fear of societies opinions. Own your body, it is yours. Show your body off as much as you want, and wear what makes you feel comfortable, sexy, and empowered in your body. I'm so happy that I can share on my blog and empower women of all body types. We are all made unique and our bodies are apart of our uniqueness. The clothing you wear is just a way to express who you are, so don't hide who you are behind what others think you should wear.

What can I say? It's hard being this fine,


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