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What’s wrong with my boobs?

A story about how having big breasts at an earlier age was for me. Protect your boobs at all costs ! Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

How it started

When I was in 6th grade, I couldn’t help but notice how fast I grew into my body. Before any of my friends, I had boobs the size of a fully grown woman. In 6th grade my social studies teacher would call my name “Myka,” and point at her chest area to remind me to fix my shirt if it had fallen too low. At one point she spoke to me outside of class about it, as if I was trying to show my boobs off for the world to see. Some people might be thinking lucky you, because it's often shown that kids at this age are stuffing their bras so they can look mature. As a twelve year old girl who knew the consequences of growing into their self too early, I didn't want that, so I felt like a freak.

Moving on to high school my breasts only got larger. By the time I graduated in 2017 I was wearing a size F bra. I can vividly remember the day I took my senior portraits. I wore a V-cut peplum top that I thought would be really pretty and flattering on my body. I thought I looked pretty, but in the eyes of my peers and the staff at school, the shirt was overly provocative. I didn’t understand why because other girls my age wore shirts like the one I was wearing all the time. A male dean at my high school and I were having a conversation this day and shortly after it started he stated, “Myka I’m going to turn around while you fix your shirt, make sure you are aware of the fact that you'll have to fix that throughout the rest of today.” This dean knew it was senior portrait day, and didn't want to ruin it for me with a dress code violation. He was kind and it also made me comfortable when he said he was going to turn around so I could fix my self while he guarded me. Although it was a thoughtful gesture, I was completely traumatized by that moment. The same day I had snapchat videos and photos made of me with people’s bitmoji’s edited so they were rolling down my breast like a hill, or lying down between the crevices of my two boobs. I cried in front of my friends at school this day. I felt really embarrassed about my chest size and my friends and other students didn’t understand why. Teenagers at this age think that having these features were “cool.” At the time, since this was true, I didn’t know why I was so upset.

The Realization

In high school I was not mature enough to understand that the frustration I felt was the result of me being sexualized. With me growing into my body earlier, bigger breast, bigger butt, larger thighs, I was overly sexualized. Some people don’t know this but having large breast at such a young age is terrifying. It feels like your womanhood is happening too fast. Instead of having small boobs and training bras you are wearing push-ups and figuring out your cup size. Older boys at school are making comments about your body that make you feel uncomfortable. Instead of having fun at gym, you are holding on to your breasts because you feel like you’re being inappropriate since you can’t control the constant bouncing of your chest area. Finally, at your yearly physical, your pediatrician is now insisting that you get a breast examination. I felt violated, because this is not a time where I felt comfortable with that, but knew it was the right thing to do for my health. All these things were very hard for me.

As an adult I have a felt more comfortable with having a bigger chest size. Only because I now know what bras to wear that support my boobs, and what clothes to wear so I can avoid being sexualized when wearing a top. Which shouldn’t even be a problem that woman have to deal with, but unfortunately we do.

What’s Next

So, what do you all do with this information. I have no idea, this was more of a story than an informative piece. What I will say is to any woman who felt this way when they were younger, sorry and I feel your pain. We should be able to feel comfortable in public wearing our own bodies. It’s scary to realize the judgment about your figure starts at such an early age. Everyone needs to be more aware of the need to teach at an early age why body shaming is wrong. It also is important to know that all females do not enjoy being seen as "sexy" because of their body type, they just want to wear what they want and feel comfortable in it too. Woman should be able to grow into their bodies without being so insecure.

Being Aware

Having big boobs even as a 21 year old is scary, because there areas to check for lumps, bumps, and cysts when I’m examining my breast. That’s why I want to inform you all that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! So whether your tits are big, small, green, or blue you need to make sure they’re healthy. Pecs are not safe either, check your pecs too! You can do this by scheduling a mammogram, having your doctor do a breast examination at your next doctors visit, or performing a breast examination at home! It is recommended that an at home evaluation is done once a month. If you ever feel like you are having trouble, like I have, then you can always go to see a professional to do your exam.

Lumps are not the only things you should be checking for. Changes in skin texture, your nipples, skin color and more can be signals of breast cancer Having these exams regularly can help find anything that can be harmful to you early on, and if any medical treatments are needed, it will help to get started earlier. These simple preventative measures could save your life, and raising awareness could save someone else’s.

Thank you for reading my story about growing up with big boobs. If you got anything out of this I hope it's to keep up with your breast or pec health. Can you relate to this story? If you do or if you liked it make sure you hit the thumbs up below, comment, and share.

Luh you guys,


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