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Who The Hell is Myka?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Here are some facts about me, Myka, who this whole blog is about. You may not care but for those who do let's get started.

My Name:

Myka Mon'e Dixon

21 Years Old:

My birthday is on March 30th and I am the epitome of 90's kids who don't get to be considered 90's kids because they were born in '99. I just turned 21 but I've been 21 since I turned 18 let's be honest here, now I can be 21 actually without the consequences.

Social Security Number:

987-05-you thought


Yes, I believe in astrology and yes, I have a Co-star account (@mykadixon). Aries sun, Virgo moon, and Aquarius rising, how beautiful. You could never tell me I'm not the actually definition of an Aries: impulsive, short-tempered, aggressive, assertive, courageous, full of energy and enthusiasm, and everyones friend unless they find a reason to hate me before I cut them off, and yes I feel no remorse because if I already did it why does it matter (big ego).

Lives in Minnesota:

Oh the state of Twin Cities and over a thousand lakes. Mall of America, U.S. Bank Stadium, and random bodies of water is all this state has to offer but I will make do and find fun somehow and someway.

Journalism Student:

I go to school in Duluth, Mn and will be graduating this year. I'm majoring in Journalism and minoring in International Studies and Communications. This is not a resume so I'm not going to list any extracurriculars.

Favorite Color:

Yellow,,,, if you haven't realized yet.

Favorite Season:


Favorite Music Artists:

Frank Ocean


The Weeknd


Juice Wrld

Daniel Caesar

Tyler, the Creator

& The list goes on, I love music.

Favorite Food:

I will die before I give up hispanic food (fun fact my friends call me Dominican for fun)


Writing, Avid Music Critic, Photography (a.k.a. being in the picture), not being at home, & spending too much money on concerts


Separated parents (live in Georgia & Minnesota), 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 3 different states, and a bit of confusion but I work with it.


I stole my sister's dog a year ago and haven't given her back, her names Isabella, she's a 5 year old Shih Tzu, and she's a complete brat but I love her.

Can you cook?

Yes, pretty decent but still learning

Why do I have a blog?

I've always wanted my journal to be a person so I could interact with it, so I could inform it, and that's what a blog is to me.

Meaning behind my blog's name:

The sun shines light on everything and it makes everything glow and radiate. For me the sun makes me feel more positive and motivated. In my blog's name the sun represents writing. Beige represents me, this golden flat tone, it's really boring and almost unnoticeable but when you put it in the light it shines. So for me writing brings perspective and meaning into my life and that's why I'm pursuing a career where I get to do this all the time and that's the sun to my beige.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!


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